FAQs page

1. What is the total cost?
The cost is absolutely nothing if Benefitz Advertising produces your golfcards. If we do not produce your score cards the cost is a registration fee of $499+GST and an annual fee of $100+GST per year.

2. If I purchase a site how do I pay for it?
Payment can be made by cheque or direct credit.
Cheque: Please make all cheques out to Benefitz Advertising
Direct Credit: Call for account details.
Once your site is completed you will be invoiced at the end of that month. You will have until the 20th of the following month to pay your account.

3. What if I don't have photos or my logo in digital format?
All you need to do is mail us the photos and something with your logo on it and we can digitise it for you. If a large amount of time is needed to digitise your logo there may be a small charge. We will always contact you before any charges are incurred.

4. How long does it take?
Once we have all the information we need (including logos and photos) we will have your site online at www.nzgolfcourses.co.nz/yoursite within 5 working days.

5. Can I change my site?
Yes, see our page on changing my site here to do it online, or you can email, or snail mail changes to us. All changes will be made within 5 working days of us receiving them.

6. How much will it cost for extra pages?
That will depend on what you need. Usually an extra page will cost you a one time fee of around $100. Email us here with what you need and we will get back to you with a more accurate price soon.

7. What if I want a site that's different to the templates?
We have designed the template site to be fast, easy and therefore cost effective. If you wish to pay a little more for a more upmarket, professionally designed site contact our web designer here. web designer.

8. Do I have to do it all online?
No, you can download and print out our hard copy version in pdf format (44K) from here. If you fill out the information on these you can then mail it or fax it to us.
Mail to : NZGolfcourses
PO Box 33-1630, Takapuna
Fax 477 4799
Please note: If we have to type the content you send us there is a charge of $10 per page.

9. How do I access my email?
Once we have set up your website we will also turn on your email address which is yourcourse@nzgolfcourses.co.nz. This email address can be accessed by you as long as you have access to the internet. You will be given your own unique password so no one else can read your mail. Once you know your password you can check your mail from our homepage here.

10. Can I have my own address (e.g www.mycourse.co.nz)
Yes. This is called a domain name. These names are purchased from Domainz and you will be billed directly by Domainz. Your name can then be redirected to our site for a fee of $20 setup and $15 per month. If you do not wish to have your name redirected to nzgolfcourses.co.nz we can set you up in your own domain for an additional set-up and monthly fee.

11. What other services do you offer?
We will contact you from time to time to offer you further improvements you can make to your website. Some of the added features we can offer are:
a. Search engine registration
b. Online advertising campaigns to promote your site more aggressively.
c. An email newsletter service to all your club patrons who have emails.
d. A competition service to encourage people to use your site.
and much more...

If you have any questions not covered by this faq page please send them to us from here:CONTACT WEBMASTER

If you wish to start building your site go to our golfsite designer here